marketing flyer examples

7 Ways This Flyer Tries To Deceive You

Like you, we are out in the world, networking and meeting other business owners, sharing our message. Also like you do, we come across people who claim to do the same things we do. Is it fun for you to meet competitors? For us, it is a LOT of fun, because when it comes to marketing your business, the first…

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Effective Nonprofit Soliciation Email

How to Create More Successful NonProfit Solicitation Emails

Every holiday season, I am bombarded by a bevy of Nonprofit Solicitation Emails. They have become sort of a hobby. When you are on the contact list for dozens OF nonprofits, getting nonprofit solicitation emails in December comes with the territory. The hobby part of reviewing nonprofit solicitation emails is to see how many of them are poorly executed. They…

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how to start a startup

What Is A StartUp Business?

I had an interesting conversation over the weekend with a startup founder. She reached out because she thought she might be interested in our services. She stated that she is a creative type, not really a business person, so she’s looking for some business guidance. I made an assumption that, like most creatives, she didn’t have the funds to hire…

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Your 5 Part Year End Review

It’s time for all those office housekeeping and year end review activities, and here is a list from us for your marketing. Here are 5 Parts of Your Business to Review First is your Marketing Report Card. This part of your year end review will have you list everything you are doing to market your business and give it a…

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Representational Systems chart

#1 Tip for Sales Success: Learn Representational Systems

One of the oldest sales ‘tricks’ I learned is that as soon as you enter a prospect’s office you should look for something you have in common. Picture of himself fishing?  Talk about the trips you used to take with your dad. Picture of his kids? WOW!  You get to chat with her about YOUR kids. Ugh. Let’s move ahead…

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