Sharyn Yuloff Hank Yuloff Speaker Training

The Best Speaker Training Event Ever!

Did you miss us last week while we were immersed in Speaker Training? (if you know how to turn our video, please let us know!) Did you catch Tuesday’s radio show? We spent the first half of the show recapping our adventures with Evolution Seminars. Are you a speaker? Do you want to know how to ensure that your audience…

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dark place to suicide

The Dark Place to Suicide

Video of Windy West’s Last Day Are you one of the thousands of listeners to our weekly radio show, The Marketing Checklist? If so, you’ve probably noticed a change in our production staff. We first learned of Windy West‘s death about 1.5 hours before our show was to air on Tuesday, May 23, which meant we re ran the prior…

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Notebooks for your trade show from Promotionally Minded

6 of the Best Promotional Products for Trade Shows

When it comes to promotional products, one of the most often asked questions I am asked is “What are the best promotional products to use at a trade show?” Although it’s a great question, when I answer it, I always have to add an important caveat: The most popular promotional products to use at a trade show, may not be…

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4 Steps from Invisibility to Profitability

From Invisibility to Credibility to Profitability

We have joined a lot of organizations – Chambers of Commerce, Networking Groups – places where business people gather, meet and create relationships which lead to doing business. The goal is to get known and begin to generate business as quickly as possible. In other words, to get you from Invisibility to Profitability. We follow a pattern when we join…

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Testimonial Cheat Sheet

How to Gather Testimonials and Why it is So Important

I’d like to share with you how to gather testimonials. And why it is so very important. But first, here’s an example: One reason I am sharing some tricks on this topic is that I am amazed at how many business people equate positive Yelp reviews with the best possible testimonials. As nice as it is to get someone to…

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