Steve Ayers wins in 2016

The Marketing Checklist: Steve Ayers’ Suprising Career Tip

Back in July, we had the honor of interviewing Steve Ayers and his colleague, Sebra Choe, on The Marketing Checklist radio show. Somehow, and hour was just too short for this inteview, so we invited Steve back to finish the conversation. In this week’s show, Steve shared his journey from a scrappy sales person to head of Economic Development for…

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YES: Young Entrepreneur Success founded by Denis Nurmela

Young Entrepreneur Success (YES) Founded by Denis Nurmela

Our guest on this week’s episode of The Marketing Checklist was Denis Nurmela, The YES Man (Young Entrepreneur Success!): “Denis Nurmela’s experience includes founding and operating both non-profit and for profit corporations. He has experienced starting businesses from concept to multi-million dollar annual revenues. He is the author of 5 published books, is a keynote speaker, a long-time expert hobbyist of…

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this website under construction

Why Do I Need an SSL Certificate NOW?

I was the guest speaker at a Women of Interest meeting entitled Branding Critique. The point was to review women entrepreneurs’ collateral material (printed and online). As the conversation weaved, we discussed websites and SEO (it is part of your brand after all). I was reminded that the deadline for switching your site from http to https is October 2017. Although Google announced this…

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15 Ways to be Happier at Work

15 Ways to be Happier at Work by Deirdre McGee

Do you need to be happier at work, or know someone who does? How about 15 Ways?! This week’s episode of The Marketing Checklist radio show we learned from Business Coach Deirdre McGee (well, we started with a few tips for your direct mail envelope with more to come next week). We met Deirdre when we spoke at the Chicago Chapter…

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Being honest

On the Matter of Words, Words Matter

Every year or so, I am reminded of the expression that words matter. Words matter in our personal relationships and words matter in how we build our business ties. Recently, I had a client who, in order to describe a competitor’s actions, used the term “it’s as if they were smoking crack.” Red flag? Yes.  And an excellent learning moment…

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