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Your Social Media Post Can’t Be Deleted

This past week, we were given a 6 minute speaking spot where we taught the 5 rules of what not to post on social media (so wish we would have recorded it so I could post the video here…alas…this is why you record EVERYTHING…better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it)

Since I don’t have the video to post, here are the 5 rules:
1. Don’t post about sex. We don’t want to know about the drama in your relationships, or your beliefs about what should be considered private activities in your bedroom, etc.

2. Don’t post about politics. You won’t convince anyone to change their political views based on your social media posts.

3. Don’t post about religion. Similarly, you won’t convince anyone to change their religious beliefs base on your social media posts.

4. Don’t post about professional and college sports (assuming they have a famous rival…Hank graduated from San Diego State and I from CSUN…no one cares). All you will do is make the rival fans refuse to do business with you. Of course, if you or a loved one is playing, you get a pass as long as it's clear that your biase is due to love (all is forgiven for love).

5. Basically, don’t be negative. Before you post, think about whether anyone may view it as negative. If so, don’t post it (call your best friend and rant to them instead).

There are exceptions: if it’s the hill you’re willing to die on (if you think that rival sports team fans’ money doesn’t actually spend the same), then go ahead and post it. Make it the niche you want to serve most.

The lesson we learned this past weekend is: don’t post it and then delete it thinking no one will see it.

Did you miss all the brewhaha over Paul Ryan’s Twitter post, which he promptly deleted and yet there are so many screenshots he can’t possible claim he didn’t post it…?!

ryan social media post delted

Posted by The Hill on 02/03/18

Not sure if you should post something: email it to us at and we’ll bounce back our quick answer for you!

Your Mid-Year Business Review

We just did a “second set of eyes” check up for a small business in our area. This made me think that, since we are at the half way mark of the year, this would be a good time to discuss our mid-year business review process.
Cheshire Cat's Mid-Year Business Review
Just like we used to get in school, let’s give our marketing tactics, employees, financial agencies, systems and ourselves a letter grade.

Marketing tactics:   This is a great time to write them down.  You may be surprised that you are doing more things than you think to market your business.  I have added our wheel chart on this blog for you to see (if you opt in here or below, we will send you a blank one to fill in for yourself).  Take the time to fill in all of your current marketing tactics (you may not need all the blanks this time, but over the years, you may find that you do need them all).  Every place you put ads.  Every place you volunteer.  All the different on line and off line tactics you use to market your business.

Our Mid-Year Business Review templateThe next step is to grade them using the traditional A through F (do you ever wonder what happened to E?).  This grade is completely subjective: Do you generate great relationships but few dollars?  I make no value judgement. Does it generate a lot of  referrals? How much time does it take from your month? Do you compare each with the number of dollars?

Do you know what your greatest source of new revenue is?

How often do you meet with each Employee?  What kind of feedback loop is in place? How do you let them know the results of their feedback? How do you reward them when you put their ideas into action? How do you course-correct with them?

For your staff in general, are there some you lean on for support or ask to do to much? Or too little?

Are your Financial people responsive? How responsive? Do they bring up possible challenges and solutions?Or are they purely reacting to what you ask them?

Don't Leave Your Mid-Year Business Review to chanceOne of the hardest things to do is change accountants, bookkeepers and financial planners. It takes a lot of time to train a new group, so quite often we will just let things slide. Sharyn and I know this one from personal experience.

The sad part of this is that though it is the hardest part of the company to make changes in, it is also one of the most very important ones.

We suggest that from time to time, you take a meeting with others in this field to see what they know and get recommendations.

Your Mid-Year Business Review should include your processesBy Systems, I mean all the ways you get things done:

  • When a client or prospect calls, how is the call routed and how soon is it answered?
  • How do you schedule work? We had one client who did the jobs that brought him the most profit first and was losing a lot of smaller clients that on a percentage basis had a larger profit.
  • How quickly do you send out invoices?
  • How do you collect and deposit money? An incredibly successful friend, Rickey Gelb, makes sure that money is deposited every day, no matter how large or little the amount is (yup, we do this, too).
  • How do you follow up? Do you use an electronic process? Are you using “rubber band marketing?”  Are you using a physical filing system? White board? SendOutCards greeting cards?
  • How do you schedule times to work with clients? We have a certain amount of time we speak to clients then we have to do some work, for example, design ads or social media pages.
  • What expenses take the most cash flow?
  • How does your company brainstorm and solve problems?
  • Once you brainstorm, what are you doing to make sure the majority of your time and effort go toward it?

WOW! That was a lot to cover, right?  The best way to remember to fix your systems are to remember a pneumonic device I learned a long time ago for the word SYSTEM. It stands for: Save Yourself Some Time, Effort and Money.

It all makes more sense now, right?

Lastly, let’s take a look at Ourselves.  This might be a hard one because we are working so many hours every month and we are the point people for so much of that gets done and does not get done.
Discussing Our Mid-Year Business Review on The Pulse
Here are a few questions:

  • Is your To Do list too long? Perhaps you need a NOW list and a TOTAL THINGS To Do list.
  • Check out things that never get done. Perhaps you need to delegate or outsource them?
  • Compare the amount of time you spend each week with non-income vs. income generating tasks. Be mindful of things like “I can design this ad for the Chamber of Commerce because I generate dollars other ways within The Chamber.”
  • Are you working with the kind of ideal clients you want to work with? The first thing we do with new clients who work with us is go through that decision making process.
  • What tasks get you unfocused? Or, you know, make you want to take a nap instead of doing the work?
  • Same thing with clients. Are there some to whom you should say good bye?
  • How are you being held accountable?

And finally…  Are there things that waste your time yet still garner your attention?

This exercise is difficult.  The good news is that as you go through it again and again, it will be easier. And think how incredible it will be to get rid of the weaknesses and inconsistent behaviors which can slow us all down.
We'll Help with Your Mid-Year Business Review
We would love to help you through the process.   If you go to and take the short assessment, you will be placed in to our calendar for a decisive 30 minute phone call where we can begin to get you on the correct path.

For clients, we schedule regular check ups on the health of their business, and you can get started just by being willing to change habits and some ways of operating, and thinking.

Best of luck to you always!

Marketing Automation is Great… With Oversight

One of the hottest buzzword phrases in our world is Marketing Automation.  Automate this, automate that – make your marketing work for you without having to touch it.

That is what most of the people selling automation systems want you to think: That Marketing Automation is the easiest thing in the world to do.

Guess what?  That isn’t completely true.

In order for marketing automation to work for you, you STILL have to do lots of work.

Think of it this way:  You can drive your car from Los Angeles, CA to Sedona, AZ to work with us. It will take you about 8 hours. If you walked, it would take you two weeks, if you rode a bike, two days. So, you have automated yourself to come work with us by using the car. It saved you lots of time and money. But you still had to drive the car. You had to steer it in the right direction.

Marketing automation is the same way.  You can set it up, but you still have to pay attention.

Here are two examples:

I use a marketing automation tool in my social media. It allows me to post to facebook and twitter while I am not in front of my computer. The best thing about the tool I use compared to all the others we have tested is that I can set up a post to go over and over. This is how I am able to share a link to some of my blog posts to come out once every 90 days or so. I wrote the blog once, shared it to our website (well, Sharyn did it), syndicated it to a lot of other sites (she did that too) and then I share it to my social media pages. Once it is published, I take the link, load it in to my social media app, and set it up to get posted automatically over and over again.

If you want to try it out, head to By the way, with full disclosure, if you begin to use it, I make about .50 a month.

The second example was what gave me the idea to write this blog about marketing automation in the first place. Last week, I went to the optometrist for an exam.

Here is a picture of my new glasses:

Hank Yuloff viewing marketing automation through new lenses

Hank's New Glasses?

This clinic uses a system to let me know that my appointment was coming up. It kept reminding me if I did not respond to the text confirming or cancelling my appointment. If you do not respond, you get a phone call.

The fun began after my appointment. 3 days later, I got two emails within minutes of each other. One asked me to fill out a survey as to how they did. The next one, uh oh, was telling me that I was overdue and needed to set an appointment.  .   I also got the same messages via text on my phone.

That second example was THE example of how and why you have to keep an eye on your marketing automation.  The clinic is looking bad because their marketing automation is not being paid attention to.

email marketing automation gone wrong

Marketing Automation can go wrong if you don't check on it

In addition to the social media tool I mentioned earlier, we use several other tools. Here is a description of a few.
SMS marketing automation gone wrong
We use another tool, a customer relationship manager (CRM) as part of an autoresponder, that allows us to send you messages, information, and offers. We can send them to different groups on our list.  All we have to do is make sure someone is entered into the correct groups when we put them in to the system. If we make a mistake or do not pay close attention, then the marketing automation tool is useless. By the way, using a an authoresponder to send out your mass emails is vital because you can see if the email was opened AND it gives the people you mail to an option to opt out, which avoids you being labeled as a spammer and lose your email privileges. Some of these CRMs are rather expensive, including the one we run OUR business with. There is one that we found, but are not using, called Active Campaign, which is only $10 a month (as of this writing), so you may want to try.

We use another tool to help potential clients decide if they want to work with us, and if we want to work with them.  If you want to see how that marketing automation tool works, head to and take the completely free marketing assessment.  You will notice that it puts you automatically in to our calendar where you get a free 30-minute evaluation of your marketing process with Sharyn and me on the phone. The system works automatically until we get on the phone. We all get a copy of the evaluation, too, which makes it easier for us to advise you.
SendOutCards is a great marketing automation tool
One more tool we use is SendOutCards. It is a personalized greeting card system that mails, using the United States Postal Service, a REAL GREETING CARD to our clients, potential clients and important people in our lives. When I meet someone, I have  created a “funnel” that mails people I meet a series of friendly notes over a period of months. If you want to try this one for free, on me, go to www. CardsByHank .com.

A lot of people we talk to keep telling us that they hear about Marketing Automation and are not sure what to do about using it. That it scares them. They say that all the technical computer stuff is hard to learn. It’s ok to feel that way, but don’t let that feeling make you not use any marketing automation tools. As you can see from the tools I have discussed, some of them are VERY easy to use and will help you build your business faster.

I mentioned our free marketing assessment above, so if you want some help in finding the right marketing automation tools which will work for you, fill in the short, 4 minute assessment and take a spot in our calendar.  Automatically.  You can also give us a call at 800-705-4265 with some questions.


Using Video Marketing for Your Business – Part 1: Setting the Tone

We are asked by every Sedona Marketing Retreats client about using video marketing for their business.

Most people, because of the age we live in where beauty is promoted on our television, movie and video screens, do not like how they look on video and using video to market their business makes them feel awkward.
I understand that some of you feel that way, so let’s talk about using video to market your business and why it is so important.

First – a tiny bit of history

During Facebook’s first community town hall meeting in November of 2014, Mark Zuckerberg responded to a question about whether the growing number of photos uploaded to Facebook was putting a drag on its infrastructure.

“Facebook’s data centers have it covered,” he said. “The real challenge is improving the infrastructure to allow for more rich media like video in people’s feeds.”

“In five years, most of [Facebook] will be video,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Move forward to June of 2016 and during a conference in London, we got these quotes from Nicola Mendelsohn, who runs Facebook’s operations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. She says that Facebook “will be definitely mobile, it will be probably all video.”

She has already said that video “will be more and more important for the platform.” And she opined that “stats showed the written word becoming all but obsolete, replaced by moving images and speech. The best way to tell stories in this world, where so much information is coming at us, actually is video. It conveys so much more information in a much quicker period. So actually the trend helps us to digest much more information.”

When Sharyn speaks on stage, we like to capture it on video for marketing

Sharyn being captured on video

So what does this mean for you? If the largest social media platform is saying using video to market is going to be a major part of what is going on in THEIR business, and you want to be relevant, you should too. IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember, relevant is not a value term, it just means that internet search engines recognize that you are using the web to promote your company) you are going to be using video to market your business.

Let’s do the “math.” The largest of those search engines is Google. Google owns YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine. It is all video. Google will do everything it can to make YouTube more successful. Therefore, use video.

Do you want two more HUGE reasons using video to market is important? ONE: We are becoming a video-centric society. When we hear about news breaking, we are not running to the newspaper stand, we are checking one of many possible outlets to have the story “read” to us by talking heads. Even if we are reading the story on our screen, if it truly interests us, we are clicking on and watching the accompanying video. TWO: Facebook is algorithmically promoting video. And as Mendelson said “change is user-driven, virtual reality will grow and 360 video will be “commonplace. We’re seeing a year-on-year decline of text…If I was having a bet I’d say: video, video, video.”

Your videos don't have to be all that long, or all that professional. Here is a video that Sharyn and I shot prior to speaking at the Arizona Promotional Product association (AZPPA). The purpose of this video was to put on Facebook to promote what we were doing, our company, and give our audience a quick hand held device safety tip.

Part 2 of this series will be on various forms of social media which are mostly video and Part 3 will be loads of tips on how to use them the best. Thanks for reading this blog (and probably watching the accompanying video). Let us help you develop your video presence by calling us at 800-705-4265.

30 Days to Build Your Facebook Business Page

A few weeks ago, at the beginning of our radio show The Marketing Checklist, I talked about this pdf I found by one of the tools we use that provided 30 steps to build a thriving facebook business page, and Hank suggested I share it with our blog readers.

So, here you go.

The writers at provide a 30 Day Facebook (business page) Challenge.
(full disclosure: this is our affiliate link, so, if you choose to sign up for this service, we might make a few dollars).

After reviewing the Table of Contents, I surmise that it can be done in far less time because many of these steps shouldn't take you more than a few minutes so you can double up.

Here are the 30 steps:

  1. Build your bio (short, yet unique)
  2. Write a memorable tag line
  3. Create a branded cover photo (there are inexpensive tools to help you do this)
  4. Add a Call to Action to your page (facebook makes this pretty easy)
  5. Spice up your page with video
  6. Share relevant content
  7. Invite friends (but, as is our advice, only if they are your target market)
  8. Plan posts to boost engagement
  9. Find other people's content to share
  10. Add your own content (at least once a day)
  11. Add a Call to Action to your posts (not the same one each time)
  12. Join facebook groups (ones where your target market is participating)
  13. Analyze your facebook insights (regularly)
  14. Stay involved on a daily basis
  15. Build rapport with relevant pages
  16. Cross promote your page
  17. Stay consistent
  18. Add the facebook page plug in
  19. Add facebook to your email
  20. Create a contest or incentive
  21. Network like a champ
  22. Post fun content
  23. Brand your business
  24. Keep your content fresh
  25. Use visual marketing
  26. Boost your posts…wisely
  27. Use testimonials
  28. Be diverse
  29. Repurpose your current content
  30. Analyze, adjust and refresh your strategy (regularly)

Want the full 74 page pdf?

Add your contact info in the box below and we'll email it right out to you!

If you decide you need some help, spend 5 minutes at and schedule a free 30 minute consultation with us.