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Your Social Media Post Can’t Be Deleted

This past week, we were given a 6 minute speaking spot where we taught the 5 rules of what not to post on social media (so wish we would have recorded it so I could post the video here…alas…this is why you record EVERYTHING…better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it)

Since I don’t have the video to post, here are the 5 rules:
1. Don’t post about sex. We don’t want to know about the drama in your relationships, or your beliefs about what should be considered private activities in your bedroom, etc.

2. Don’t post about politics. You won’t convince anyone to change their political views based on your social media posts.

3. Don’t post about religion. Similarly, you won’t convince anyone to change their religious beliefs base on your social media posts.

4. Don’t post about professional and college sports (assuming they have a famous rival…Hank graduated from San Diego State and I from CSUN…no one cares). All you will do is make the rival fans refuse to do business with you. Of course, if you or a loved one is playing, you get a pass as long as it's clear that your biase is due to love (all is forgiven for love).

5. Basically, don’t be negative. Before you post, think about whether anyone may view it as negative. If so, don’t post it (call your best friend and rant to them instead).

There are exceptions: if it’s the hill you’re willing to die on (if you think that rival sports team fans’ money doesn’t actually spend the same), then go ahead and post it. Make it the niche you want to serve most.

The lesson we learned this past weekend is: don’t post it and then delete it thinking no one will see it.

Did you miss all the brewhaha over Paul Ryan’s Twitter post, which he promptly deleted and yet there are so many screenshots he can’t possible claim he didn’t post it…?!

ryan social media post delted

Posted by The Hill on 02/03/18

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3 Steps to Handle Negative Posts About Your Company

Everyone has seen those negative posts about a company. You might be standing in line at your favorite locally owned coffee shop to get your triple shot of mocha coffee grandalicious and scrolling through your Facebook feed and you see it:
Hank Yuloff gives a thumbs up on handling negative posts
Cindy McNegative types: “I cannot BELIEVE how bad I just got treated by the staff at ……” and on it goes.

Your first thought?  “I am SO glad that wasn’t MY company Cindy was talking about in her negative posts.”

But what if it was?  What if one of your new staff members was asked a question he did not know the answer to, stammered a bit, guessed a bit, did not give the right answer, and pissed off a client who woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed because his dog was barking at the moon most of the night, and when he slid his foot into his $500 leather loafers realized his cat had poo’d into his shoe.

In other words, two people who should not have spent any part of a day together had their paths cross.

And now, you are reading something negative about your company on social media. So what are you going to do about it?

Here is the best thing I can tell you about negative posts: Do not ignore them.

And since you are not going to ignore it, here is the  3-Step Program we use at Yuloff Creative Marketing Solutions to bail out your marketing:
Hank Yuloff helping a client with a negative post on social media
Step 1: Take a deep breath and a step back.  They’re attacking your brand, not YOU. Do not take it personally or you could make it worse.

Step 2: Decide what their motivation was for posting the negative comment. Do they want a reaction? Do they want us to react badly?  Do they want a problem solved?

Step 3: Agree, Disarm, Solve. “We are sorry you had this occur. We can see your point because (tell them why) ….. We would like to resolve this by (SOLVE THE PROBLEM)….”

I know, eating crow when it is not your fault is REALLY hard. I understand. But as your Chief Marketing Officer, I am telling you that you just need to do it.
cartoon check in on social media
It’s now normal for Customer Service to be handled on social media, we have to adapt and use it to our brand’s advantage. In fact, there are a lot of companies who have separate Twitter accounts for their customer service departments. You can too.

Do you need some help with setting up your Customer Service Social Media program? Connect with us at and we will talk about it.