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How to Write Your Business Book

Most of us for our first few books are still a bit intimidated with the entire process of creating our business book.  In past blog posts, we have talked about WHY to write your book, so now let’s discuss HOW to get it done. I have broken it down into 17 steps.

  1. Put off the title. In the movies, you see the writing of a business book portrayed all the time. The actor has a typewriter, puts paper in it and then… nothing. They are waiting for inspiration. That’s because most people start with the title. Then they think they have to live up to it.

Can you imagine naming your book War and Peace? And THEN starting out on Monday morning to write the book?

We have gone through 5 titles for the HR Marketing book and are still looking for a permanent subtitle for The Marketing Checklist 3, the social media book.

  1. Instead, decide what you are going to write about. This is not hard – Your industry! You are writing your business book to be considered the expert. The literal “guy who wrote the book on the subject.”
  2. We got through steps one and two pretty fast, congratulations. Some of you are writing your business book while you listen to/read this. Step 3 is creating your Chapter headings. Come up with about 15 to 20 ideas of things you could write about under the topic of your book. Some people use post its on a cork board for this process so that later on, they can move them around easily and see them all at once. Others use a white board.   I write them down on paper. By the way, some of these chapters are not going to make the cut, which we will discuss later.
  3. Now write 1 or 2 sentences on what is in each chapter. Each chapter should be between 1 and 6 pages. That’s roughly 150 to 2000 words. Another way to put that is 1 to 3 blog posts that you are combining.
  4. Acquire an editor. Not your neighbor or your spouse. A real honest to goodness professional editor.
  5. Decide on what research you may need to do. Set a calendar for getting that done within a fortnight. You should already know most of this stuff – it is not a Masters dissertation. You might need a few statistics, go get them.

Part of this research is going through your blog posts and deciding which ones will be included in your book. We have talked about this:  As you write your weekly blog posts, you are writing your book. You may have to edit them from informal to a bit more formal writing style, but that is partially what you have your editor for, to help you with that.

  1. Once you have sorted your blogs into the virtual “Yes” and “No” piles, you need to write the rest of the chapters. Give me 22 minutes a day to write. Just before you check email. Each of your chapters are going to take a few days. This means your book is going to take about a month to write. Hank Yuloff's first business book: The Marketing Checklist
  2. If you have too many chapters or in other words are going too far over 100-150 pages, you may have TWO books. Don’t put it all in one book!  The Marketing Checklist – 80 Simple Ways to Master Your Marketing really should have been 49 Simple Ways, to tie in to 49 Stupid Things People do with Business Cards and How to Fix Them. Instead, The Marketing Checklist TWO followed that theme with 49 MORE Simple ways. The Marketing Checklist 3, 4, and 5 are being watched for the amount of content so that they can spill over into other books.
  3. Go back and look at your chapter headings. Make them more interesting. This is when you should be able to move to #10 which is…
  1. Lock the title. And here is a tip which will make it worth your entire reading of this blog: Use keywords someone would type to find your expertise in the title of your business book.
  2. Find someone to do your cover art. You can start this earlier in the process, but as you write the book, you may get ideas for what should go on the cover. Your artist should be given enough of the book to read that she has an idea of what to create for you. NOTE – and this is very important – if you are using this book to promote your business, then you should be on the cover. This means that #12 is…
  3. Get great cover photos taken. By a professional photographer.  You can do this step at any time during this process.
  4. Find people to review your book and give you a paragraph to put on the back of the book. Find the most well-known people you know. Hopefully people who have written books. While they are writing your reviews, you can move on to…
  5. Have your book formatted and uploaded to the printer. I am not going to promote any one in particular, there are many.
  6. This step is to take care of all the “other stuff.” The acknowledgements. The dedication. Your author bio page.  And the copywrite page, which your editor will assist you with.
  7. Create the sales page. Or pages. Keeping in mind that since your books are sales tools, why not put sales pages inside them so people can buy more, maybe even in bulk. It could be a coupon for your services. It could be how to get in touch with you to schedule an assessment appointment. Our books are getting more and more salesy. In the business card book, I thought I was being sly by adding a super secret email address that people can have their cards approved. Now, we are adding full on “lights, camera, action” pages of our products.
  8. Promote your business book. But that is another blog.

If you have questions or want help with your any of these steps, please invest 5 minutes to completing our free Marketing Assessment, at the end of which you'll be invited to view our calendar to book your free 30 minute focus session with us. Go to

Unexplained Health Problems Solved by Kimberly Miles

Who do you know that has unexplained health problems?

Did you know that some chronic unexplained health challenges may have roots in our mouths?

unexplained health problems explained in at the root bookI met Kimberly Miles at a local networking lunch. I learned she's the author of At the Root, and of her interest in growing beyond “just book sales.” Lucky for us, we met the week before our last Small Business Marketing Plan Bootcamp, so I offered her a ticket, which she accepted and took full advantage of.

We got to spend the day together on Tuesday, honing in on Kim's target market, her message and the tactics to reach her ideal clients. And we started the day interviewing her on our radio show The Marketing Checklist.

From Kim's book:

“Kim had been an enthusiastic college student, creative, athletic and energetic. That changed in her junior year of college. After the removal of her four wisdom teeth, Kim began to suffer from unexplained health problems: recurring pneumonia, debilitating fatigue, brain fog, unexplained rashes and swollen lymph nodes that would not go away. Over the next thirty years her doctors would diagnose Kim with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein-Barr virus and even lymphoma, but they did not really know.

Kim shares her thirty-year journey to regain her health and vitality. Kim’s belief in her body’s ability to heal led her to work with a remarkable biological dentist. It was with the help of this controversial approach to dentistry that Kim’s body could finally heal, restoring her to full health. Her revealing and intimate story portrays the little understood and overlooked importance that the mouth plays in over-all health and well-being.”

One of our first questions was What's a Biological Dentist?

Kim answers that in her book, and in our interview.

Who do you know that needs to hear Kim's interview? Kimberly Miles' unexplained health challenges in At The Root

Who do you know that needs to read Kim's book?

Who do you know that needs to hear Kim's story?

Please connect with Kim at


The Reality of Inconsistent Blogging

Oh my, it's been way too long since we've blogged…yet the reality is that even we sometimes fall victim to inconsistent blogging.

Ok, so we teach our clients that the key to successful marketing, including but not limited to blogging, is consistency. However, we also recognize the realities of life and business: sometimes they do get in the way of our consistency. So, like every stern and loving parent, we remind our clients, and ourselves, to not beat ourselves up, but rather to dust ourselves off and begin again.

So here we go, starting again, consistently!

Here's what's been happening while we've been away:

  1. On our way to LA, we recorded a radio show: How to Find Your Ideal Client with a surprise guest, Walt Grassl of Stand Up and Speak Up Walt Grassl Stand Up Speak Up
  2. In LA, we held our most successful Small Business Marketing Plan Bootcamp so far
  3. The following week, we held another Small Business Marketing Plan Bootcamp in Sedona
  4. The last day of our bootcamp, we learned that a friend passed away
  5. Moneeka Sawyer Choose BlissOur next guest was a friend and real estate investor, Moneeka Sawyer, creator of the Blissful Real Estate Investor Formula
  6. Passionate Heart HospiceLast week, our guests were Darryl Markowski and Mirielle Pacquing, founders of Passionate Heart Hospice
  7. After the show, we spent two days with new clients;
  8. After our clients returned home, we packed and prepared for a training session in Phoenix, a funeral in San Diego, a surprise visit with a friend that recently said her final goodbyes to her mom, and a 2 day mastermind with The Secret Millionaire before returning home for the rest of the month of October!
  9. Although there is plenty more excitement planned for this month, we get to do it all while sleeping in our own bed each night!
  10. Tuesday's guest is a new friend, Kimberly Miles, author of At The Root, her 30 year journey to return to health following a root canal. Please tune in to hear her storyKimberly Miles At The Root

The Marketing Checklist: Steve Ayers’ Suprising Career Tip

Steve Ayers Returns to The Marketing Checklist

Steve Ayers wins in 2016

Back in July, we had the honor of interviewing Steve Ayers and his colleague, Sebra Choe, on The Marketing Checklist radio show.

Somehow, and hour was just too short for this inteview, so we invited Steve back to finish the conversation.

In this week's show, Steve shared his journey from a scrappy sales person to head of Economic Development for the Town of Camp Verde.

Steve provided a surprising tip from for those that are interviewing for their next job: listen in to hear how Steve, with no prior Economic Development experience, won the role over 20 other more seasoned professionals. You can do the same for your next Dream Job!

Another favorite thing I learned during this interview is that Camp Verde is an agricultural town. What this means today, is that many homes have their own self sustaining farms, and even produce a surplus that they can then sell at a stand on the street outside their home without needing a permit! Can you imagine such a thing in your town?

Projects that earned Ayers' statewide recognition (posted by the CV Bugle)

Since his tenure, Ayers has been integral in carrying out strategic planning by involving public and private partners. Upcoming Town of Camp Verde projects that Ayers has played a part in managing include (according to his award application):

• $10 million, 27,000-sq-ft Northern Arizona Healthcare campus with “four full-time family practice doctors, an 8,000 sq-ft physical rehab unit, expanded lab and diagnostics, an eye clinic and seven-day-a-week office hours.”

• $15-million, 15-acre Verde Valley Archaeology Center facility “that will include research center, auditorium, curation facilities, classrooms and offices.”

• $62 million Arizona State Transportation Board project “to widen a 7-mile long corridor of SR 260,” with six miles being Camp Verde's portion of a commercial corridor linking Camp Verde to Cottonwood and Interstate 17. The result will be “opening access to 2,500 acres of commercial and residential property.”

• $10 million Rockin' River Ranch State Park project in Camp Verde, “to include RV sites, fishing ponds, boat launch, float-in campgrounds, equestrian facilities, amphitheater and other amenities.”

  • He helped co-brand the Verde Valley with National Geographic's International Geo-Tourism efforts and also served on the coordinating committee of Verde Front, a collaborative of countysupervisors, mayors, district rangers and park superintendents that work together to develop outdoor recreational opportunities.”

Steve Ayers book on Camp Verde

Steve Ayers book on Camp Verde

Bytheway, Steve is so passionate about the Town of Camp Verde, he wrote a book about it (and is writing another).

Unless this is your first time listening to our Marketing Checklist radio show (in which case: welcome!), you know that we always start with some marketing tip before the interview. This week was no different. Hank found an article on when NOT to hire a coach. If you are on the fence about hiring a coach, listen to the first segment and take note of your answers to these 6 questions.

Need help crafting your job interview responses?

Need help masterminding about if coaching is right for you?

Send us an email ( with 3 days and times that work best for you to chat by phone, in prioritized order, and we'll do our best to match your first choice!


Young Entrepreneur Success (YES) Founded by Denis Nurmela

YES: Young Entrepreneur Success founded by Denis Nurmela

Our guest on this week's episode of The Marketing Checklist was Denis Nurmela, The YES Man (Young Entrepreneur Success!):

“Denis Nurmela’s experience includes founding and operating both non-profit and for profit corporations. He has experienced starting businesses from concept to multi-million dollar annual revenues. He is the author of 5 published books, is a keynote speaker, a long-time expert hobbyist of Neuro-linguistic & nonverbal communications and is a board certified clinical hypnotherapist.

“Denis hosts radio and TV talk shows related to business issues and about success. Mr. Nurmela founded and runs the YESplace youth foundation which helps young entrepreneurs start their own businesses and is creator of the YESprinciples (Your Eternal Success Principles). He holds post-graduate degrees in Leadership and Organizational Studies and conducts entrepreneurship seminars for youth.

“Denis is a US Air Force veteran and has been an active CEO member of Vistage, the world's largest organization of CEOs.

“Mr. Nurmela currently sits on the board of other non-profit organizations like the foundation and is very active with his community and family. Denis amazingly finds time to volunteer as a hospital chaplain at his local community medical center.

“Denis and his wife have raised their 6 children in the Inland Empire of California have a growing number of grandchildren and are active leaders their church. They own 5+ acres, have a fruit tree orchard, garden, chickens and other farm animals. They enjoy the more rural living style.”

Oh my goodness, there is just so much to share about this great man!

Who is the amazing YESMAN Denis Nurmela?

  • Denis is an entertaining keynote speaker and trainer.
  • He is a highly successful businessman who has achieved millions of dollars in revenues. He had his first business when he was 9 years old! (not a lemonade stand).
  • As an author of 5 books he is known for showing people how to transform adversity into triumph.
  • Denis Nurmela has been heard by millions of people around the world from stage, on radio and TV.
  • As a professor at leading universities he taught business and communication and holds post graduate degrees in leadership and organizational studies
  • He is multi-talented…He served on a prestigious congressional advisory board and was a successful stand-up comic.
  • His personal stories are captivating. Audiences love him.
  • He specializes in showing individuals and organizations how to overcome obstacles and achieve high levels of success in their personal lives and careers.
  • Denis helps people and organizations change for the better.
  • His business and communication skills are considered to be the “best of the best”.
  • Denis uses scientifically proven neuro-linguistic and non-verbal speech patterns seamlessly in his keynote speeches which increases your audience's reception and retention of his message.
  • He has achieved extraordinary levels of success in his personal life and business.
  • He is an interesting, dynamic and fun speaker!

Impressive, right? So why haven't you tuned in to listen to the interview yet?!

Do you know a young entrepreneur that should be connected to Denis? Connect with him at YesPlace-Murrieta and tune in to his Bits of Advice on his radio show and facebook live.