Your Marketing Retreat… What to Expect!

Join us for our private marketing workshop in Sedona, AZ!

You'll get to enjoy the Sedona energy AND improve your marketing plan!

We love to welcome business owners to our “Sedona Marketing Retreat center.” It is there that we create your messages that are then put in front of your ideal target markets using the perfect marketing tactics. The tactics that will work best for your business are different from others, so our work together begins prior to your arriving.

We will send you an in-depth survey to find out what you are currently doing to market your business and in other aspects of sales. Part of that survey will look at competitors: who they are and how they are marketing. We want to find opportunities upon which we can capitalize.

You will also receive a Needs Questionnaire: your favorite snacks, drinks, dietary restrictions, allergies. You will receive information on what to expect, what to wear and what our schedule will be.

Since every successful entrepreneur knows that setting and writing down goals is important, we are going to send you a Goals Questionnaire which will help us determine your success level for the weekend, our first year together and your business in the future.

Part of that pre-weekend questionnaire will be an opportunity for us to Secret Shop your company prior (and after) your weekend.

What else you should bring or send in advance? 

  • All log in information for web and social media
  • Photos of your staff and family
  • A list of 5 clients we can call to survey
  • Samples of all your current print marketing materials
  • Your camera because…. well just LOOK at this place!

Now that you have laid the groundwork, it’s time to get busy when you arrive on Thursday (though you can arrive on any day)! This is only an example of the schedule. Each business has special needs which we will meet.


We will begin with a 2-hour intake interview based on the surveys and a review of your goals. We will do this either on the road back from Phoenix if you fly in and we pick you up, or at a special place in Sedona where you will begin to absorb why this is a much-loved place for us. We will enjoy dinner together at a local restaurant and enjoy your first sunset up on our viewing deck.

Tomorrow, the work really begins!


After Breakfast, we enter Session #1 ~

We talk about Marketing and Advertising in general, and includes a discussion on consistency in brand and messaging. Remember, there are 3 ways to get more business: Sell more of the same to same to our current clients, sell additional products/services to the same clients, or go out and get more new clients. We want to begin determining how much of each of those strategies we will use.

Session #2 is a review of your current efforts: what you have been doing, what's working and what's not. That discussion will lead to who you want to work with, your ideal client and target market. We will have a discussion of the graphics you are using and if there is a need for an update.

We will develop your Unique Selling Proposition and your message and verbal business card (how you answer the question “What do you do?”).

Finally, we'll discuss the tools to reach that target market using media that is available.

Session #3 is a review of your current staff and their training needs. We will look at your marketing budget. We feel it is very important to look at your community involvement and plan for that.

You’ve done great work up to now! So, to end the day, you will enjoy a dinner out in Sedona, while we stay behind and go through all the data and prepare for Saturday. You will love the restaurant. Hideaway House has been the home of casual fine dining for more then thirty five years and is still winning awards, including Best Restaurant in Sedona.


You begin your day with Session #4 — a Balloon Ride or Zip Line or Jeep tour of the area. (We do have alternative activities available.)

Ballooning adventure at Sedona Marketing Retreats!

Enjoying an early-morning ballooning adventure at Sedona Marketing Retreats! (…discussing marketing, of course!)

Session #5 is a discussion and design of your sales funnel along with lead magnets and tripwires to generate business.

In Session #6, we will teach you Blogging 101 and how putting your thoughts on how you view your company, industry, and community can benefit your business.

In Session #7, we will shoot marketing videos and teach you how to do them yourself.

Session #8 will be either a recording of your segment on our radio show – The Marketing Checklist – or a scheduling of your radio show appearance.

During Session #9, we'll discuss client retention, a referral survey and funnel, and some simple, inexpensive tools to use in keeping clients.

You will then have your second dinner out in Sedona.


Today is a wrap-up and review day!

Session #10 is a Review Breakfast and discussion of action items.

Session #11 we leave open to handle last details. Then, we'll schedule our follow-up sessions and go through the weekly follow-up sheet.

Have a safe trip home… we'll talk with you soon!


Take Some Time to Relax…

Let's use the energy of Sedona's Red Rocks to improve your marketing methods and add more Black Ink into your bank account!


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