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Sharyn & Hank Yuloff, Owners of Sedona Marketing Retreats

Sharyn & Hank Yuloff, Owners of Sedona Marketing Retreats

2007 was an important year for our company. It was the year that we visited the city of Sedona for the first time. We had always looked at pictures of the pretty red rocks and wanted to see them in person. Our parents had lots of timeshare weeks available so we made several trips to the city. Each time we noticed that we began looking at homes in the area earlier and earlier in the week.

We finally had a several serious discussions with each other and our coaching staff on the possibilities of moving here.

At the same time, our promotional products company, Promotionally Minded, has begun to live up to the purpose of its name – a complete agency where business owners could not only get the fun stuff they used to market their business, but advice on how to improve their overall marketing at those trade shows, and with direct mail, and on line.

2007 was ALSO the year we took on our first Marketing Only client (meaning, they did not come as a lead from the promotional product wing of the company) and that “division” of our company began to grow. With the system we were developing for our clients, we came up with a name for it – OurMarketingGuy.com

It was during the wrap up evaluation for one of the twice-a-year marketing bootcamps we run for our clients in Los Angeles that it hit us – a similar format, but expanded from 2 days to 4, would work incredibly well in such a beautifully majestic setting. Yes – we could run a Sedona Marketing Retreat Bootcamp, add the bonus mastermind “Answer Chair” sessions as part of the event (in L.A. they were a separate segment) and include outside speakers to make this a transformational event for our guests. The fact that we would offer a balloon ride, jeep tours, yoga (Sharyn’s idea, not mine) and other Sedona-related activities was a perfect topper.

From there, adding the one-on-one marketing plan creation for business owners who would get our complete attention for the same 4-day sessions was an easy addition. We even found the right property which would allow our special guests to be immersed in the Sedona energy – the view from their main room is included on this page. Most of the people joining us for this program are partners in life as well as partners in business. So for them, we have added romantic dinners at some of Sedona’s most wonderful restaurants (while Sharyn and I do behind the scenes work on their marketing plan) and have options for them to spend extra days in the city.

But what to call it?  That was a quick one. For SEO and marketing purposes, let’s just name it what it is – a Marketing Retreat in Sedona – Sedona Marketing Retreats. A quick tip here: from a marketing point of view, how we all name what we do can be a very important part of the success of our business, so take the time to relax and contemplate it. Perhaps in Sedona!

See you soon,