Sharyn Yuloff

Sharon Yuloff, Sedona Marketing Retreats

Sharyn Yuloff, Sedona Marketing Retreats

As a young girl, I watched 2 of my grandparents build a thriving crystal import/export business together and thought that it would be super awesome to have a life partner that I too, could build a business with. Interestingly, life didn’t turn out that way at first.

I had grown up hearing that I should do what I love. At first, that was teaching. After many trials at different types of teaching, I spent 5 years teaching Severely Emotionally Disturbed children, K through 12th grades. Yup, only 5 years and what I loved to do turned into a nightmare. And no real way to work with a life partner this way anyway, right?!

In re-evaluating, my next most favorite thing was math. I was the kid that finished my homework early and skipped ahead to see what was next… before I knew it, I finished my 8th grade math book before the end of the first semester. So I took this love of math and tried accounting. I accepted a job as an Assistant Controller at an independent film distribution house and grew in that job to Executive Assistant to the CFO. That led me to become the Human Resources Manager for an independent producer. I moved into the same job at a financial services firm, and finally became the HR Director for a 2D to 3D film conversion studio. It seemed like a logical progression at the time. I could also see a way to bring these real life business organization skills to my husband’s promotional products business, and my decades in HR to help his clients. Of course, while I was busy building my career, Hank was building a business and wasn’t exactly eager to hand over even one of the reigns to me, even if it was his least favorite reign.

On the air during The Marketing Checklist Radio Show!When I was injured at that last job, and summarily laid off because of it, it became increasingly hard for him to just let me “play house” so he would delegate one task at a time. Over a lunch meeting with one of his clients, she mentioned that she may be looking for an Office Manager “soon.” I asked her to keep me in mind when she was ready, and maybe the timing and the money would be a match. And it was! We started a new division of Promotionally Minded that included Online Business Management and HR Consulting which I did for this one client and a few others that I picked up along the way. He even gave me the title of Vice President of that division, (the next obvious progression in my career?) over which we still enjoy a laugh.

Over the course of the next several years, Promotionally Minded, which we have morphed into Yuloff Creative Marketing Solutions took up larger and larger chunks of my time and I learned more and more about the delicate dance of working with my husband, building and growing a business and how clients market themselves. I also grew to realize that during those 15 years in Human Resources, I was already handling a core marketing issue: mostly Internal Marketing, the company to its employees, but while hiring, it was also External Marketing.

And now, as more of our clients are also couples and entrepreneurs, I realize that I truly have come full circle. Yes, we are creating strategic marketing plans, and we are also teaching what we have learned and continue to learn every day: marketing strategies as well as business building and interpersonal relations.

If, after reading both of our bios and watching at least one of our videos, we sound like people you might want to work with at Yuloff Creative, please schedule a time for us to chat. We are so looking forward to working with you to help you grow your business!