Why Did We Settle on Sedona?

In 2007, we had to use up several weeks of time share time that belonged to my parents who had bought in Cancun and the weeks were building up. We had always thought that the red rock backdrop to the city was beautiful and always wanted to see them.

It turns out they were even more beautiful in person so we went back in 2008. And 2009. And you can see a pattern here, right?

On a lark, we began taking a look at open houses. And more open houses.

But we still did not have a way to translate what we did in Los Angeles to Sedona because there is a larger market for the promotional product portion of our business in a city of 20 million compared to 20 thousand. Ever played with numbers like that in your business?

So we examined the marketing plan portion of our business. Nope. STILL 20 million vs. 20 thousand.

And, as has happened so many times in my life – it was a shower that brought the idea to me. The same energy and beauty of Sedona which attracted us, just might attract other business owners to come visit and let us build their marketing programs!

Join us for our private marketing workshop in Sedona, AZ!We invite you to come visit Sedona and experience what we have experienced.

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